What’s the funniest thing about marriage equality?

So you fancy yourself a bit of a comedian, with your finger dead on the pulse of the zeitgeist.  Marriage equality feels like a rich vein to mine.  You could go for gay crime sprees or legalising incest or big gay rainbows or marrying pets.  There’s rich pickings, let’s be honest.

Not Colin Craig, obviously, nothing funny to see here, move it along.

Where do you go?  Back to your roots.

The narrow-minded hate mongering continues.  Boring, unimaginative, vicious.  Someday Tui, your billboards are going to feature in a museum of ridiculous memorabilia of past bigotries.  People will wonder “how on earth did these keep getting made?”  “What were beer drinkers thinking?”

I had a relationship, a long time ago, with a woman with two children.  This is the song those kids played whenever they wanted a way to jump up and down against the homophobia they wrestled with from people around them.  It’s the anti-Tui.



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