Reclaim the Night and White Ribbons

It’s that time of year again – White Ribbon week – when we commemorate the violence perpetrated by Marc Lepine, a 25 year old man who killed 28 people, mostly women, at Montreal University in 1989 claiming he was “fighting feminism.”

Australian journalist Paul Sheehan calls male violence against women a “giant scar on mankind”.  

That’s what the Canadian men who were appalled by Marc Lepine’s misogyny thought too, when they started the White Ribbon campaign, now active in 55 countries including a list of events in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Big ups to all you kiwi blokes standing up against male violence against women.

And following November 25th, some other events fitting in around the same theme.

On November 27th in both Wellington and Auckland, Reclaim the Night events are planned.*

Reclaim the Night is an international event demanding women’s right to be free from the fear or reality of rape, of sexual harassment, of domestic violence, of stalking.

This year the Wellington Reclaim the Night is focused around being safe in our city; in our homes, at work, while out exercising or walking, going clubbing or out for a drink with our friends.

When: Friday the 27th of November, 6.00pm

Where: Assemble at the front of the Wellington Railway Station for speakers including Labour’s Lynne Pillay on the changes to ACC for sexual violence survivors, and a performance by the Real Hot Bitches (tbc)

Who: Women, trans*, intersex, genderqueer allies and children.

After party: Ivy, Dixon Street from 8pm with performances from… Edwardene Tanaki, Tyree Robertson, Mahinarangi Maika, Rachael Wright, Freya Eng, Palace This! and others…

Auckland details here.

*I’ve been involved in planning in Wellington – hope to see some of you there 🙂

You can download some funky posters made by organiser Anna here and here.

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