WAM – Guide to reporting gender-based hate speech to Facebook

A while back I shared the result of Women, Action and Media, the Everyday Sexism Project and author Soraya Chemaly’s activist coalition to change gender-based hate speech on Facebook.

And now there are some guidelines for us, courtesy of Women, Action and Media:___

For content that glorifies, promotes or makes light of gendered violence:

  • First, report it to Facebook using their standard reporting system.
  • If the content has been reported and Facebook has declined to remove it, email WAM, and we’ll take further action. Please include any information you have about when and how you reported the content, and what response(s) you’ve received from Facebook.

For content that sexualizes women’s naked bodies, or for content that has been removed that depicts non-sexualized images of women’s breasts:

  •  Send your examples to WAM, along with all the information you can provide about when and if you reported the content, and what response(s) you’ve received from Facebook. We won’t be taking further action on these examples immediately, but will be collecting them to show to Facebook as we engage them on this issue of their hypocrisy.

I’d be interested to hear from any readers that try this out, especially on homegrown misogyny.  WAM’s website makes it very clear they are interested in challenging gendered violence, rape and domestic violence apologists – and not at all interested in content promoting consensual BDSM.

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