Moving beyond Marriage Equality

Three events in Wellington this week of interest to the queer and trans* communities in moving beyond Marriage Equality.

Firstly, tonight, Wellington Gay Welfare Group is hosting an event exploring “Suicidality, Our Communities and Authorities Response”.  More details here.  We know the rates of self-harm and suicide are higher for queer and gender diverse people, and it’s time our systems of response both paid attention to that, and set about demanding a social environment which would prevent it in the first place.  Which means queering our schools, which means removing discrimination, which means representations of queer and gender diverse people everywhere, which means a whole bunch of education.  Ending homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, embedded in systems of sexism and cis-sexism which promote harmful, unrealistic gender norms.

Second event on Thursday 18th April, post Marriage Equality passing (and yep, I’ll be partying) is hosted by the Human Rights Commission, “Human Rights priorities for intersex, trans and queer people.”  Details for the Wellington event here but you can join in from other parts of the country too.  This event will discuss key issues for our communities, with a view to bringing them forward to the UN Universal Periodic Review.

And finally, from Wednesday 17th April, if you’d like the chance to become street theatre while dressed in a donated wedding dress, come be part of Brides – particularly open to queer and gender diverse peeps.  This is a Barbarian Productions event which the organisers describe as:

Bearing in mind the current passage of the Marriage Equality Bill through parliament, Brides asks visitors to come inside and watch / speak / sing / share in a free-wheeling public discussion on the meaning, relevance, and experience of marriage: the ritual, the institution, the dress.

It’s going to be a queer old week in Wellie 🙂


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