Let me spell it out for you

Thank you, Google, for just so neatly encapsulating the reality of being bisexual in our world.  We don’t exist.

If you type in gay, lesbian or transgender [or heterosexual or intersex] into a Google search box, Google Instant Search begins to auto-complete the search while making relevant suggestions. However when you begin to type in bisexual, there are no suggestions provided which lead many to believe there are no search results. Since 2010, Google has blocked the word bisexual from its auto complete and Instant Search features so users have to go an extra step to see the million of results related to bi people, bisexuality, bi community, bisexual resources and bi organizations.

Extraordinary, especially when you think about US research which suggests bi people have the highest rates of suicide ideation or attempted suicide amongst lesbians, gay men and heterosexual people – as a result of what the authors call “bisexual invisibility”.

Needs to be added to the Monosexual Privilege Checklist:

37.  I know if I want to find something out about my sexuality, it will be as easy as typing the first three letters.

If the lack of existence of bisexuality bugs you, feel free to let Google know.  I have.

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