Refuge needs you…

Like the poster says, the local Refuges in Wellington City need volunteers to help collect for them in their annual appeal.  Te Whare Rokiroki Maori Women’s Refuge and Wellington Women’s Refuge will be asking the good folk of Wellington to make sure they can keep their 24 hour services available every day of the year, to every woman and child who needs to be safe from domestic violence.  Hundreds of women and children call their crisis line every year, go into their safe houses, attend women’s and children’s programmes, make safety plans, get support with getting a protection order or going to court or WINZ or Housing NZ.  Women’s Refuge runs with the goodwill of our communities – nationally about 80% of the work is done by trained volunteers – and donations help make sure that every time a woman calls needing help in a crisis, Refuge can help.

If you have an hour or more free on either the 20 or 21 July and you live in Wellington, come on down.  Every single collector makes a difference – just email or call 04 939 0455 to help out.  See you there.

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