Fundraising with Wellington Rape Crisis

is having their annual street appeal on 13 April this year. It’s a chance to donate money to a service which is free to survivors of sexual violence, their friends, family and support people, or to help out by staffing one of the stalls and collecting on the street for an hour or two.

I’ve been collecting for agencies which support survivors of (vastly predominantly) male violence for two decades, and I have to say, one of the places you can see the changes in the way our society thinks about sexual and domestic violence is on the street. We used to get jeered at, yelled at, and once memorably for me, spat at. Now the vast majority of people thank us for the work we do, and often ask about counselling or support for friends, family members or themselves.

So if you’re keen to help a key Wellington agency continue doing their good work – in an economic climate in which fundraising is difficult and most community sector agencies are spending most of the year scrambling to find the money to pay their staff – then contact Wellington Rape Crisis on 021 032 2049 or

Everyone welcome.

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