Mojo Mathers pays for being deaf

Quick hit – this is disgusting. Even Stuff is being deluged with comments highly critical of Lockwood Smith’s decision to make Mojo Mathers pay out of her own budget in order to be able to participate in Parliament (the electronic note-taking equipment she needs, as a deaf person, costs $30,000).

It gets worse though – apparently Lockwood would make sure someone with a physical impairment who needed wheelchair accessibility was able to participate fully, out of Parliament’s budget.

So it’s only an issue if you’ve got a certain kind of physical impairment then. Or perhaps if you come from a certain kind of political party?

Lockwood, look it up – discrimination on the grounds of disability is clearly prohibited under the Human Rights Act. Not only is this blatantly unfair, it’s surely not even legal.

What a marvellous way to ensure people with impairments are even less likely to attempt to participate as representatives (you know, aside from managing generic discrimination and blocks to participation, lower average incomes if you’re able to find work, accessibility issues in joining and being involved in political parties, the whole world being set up with non-disabled people in mind…..)


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