Just what does that revolution look like?

I must confess to a sneaking liking for Beyonce, based solely on the joyful funk girl power of “Independent Women”:

I know that’s kinda shallow, but I was ok with it.  So when a friend – who shall remain nameless – sent me a link to a Beyonce track, despite the fact I could hardly name a song she’s sung since, called “Run the World (Girls)”, I clicked on it with some enthusiasm.

Never trust your friends.  Or artists with perhaps only a passing commitment to producing complex messages around gender.  I hope that’s not true Beyonce, and that you’ll bounce back with a track which doesn’t feature “girls” running the world by gyrating around in their underwear at soldiers.  Somehow, I’m not convinced about that as a sexism-challenging-device.

Instead how about Sarah Jones, who makes music with DJ Vadim, rapping to her remake of Gil Scott Heron’s genius “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

Now that’s feminist rap music.  Yeah.

3 thoughts on “Just what does that revolution look like?

  1. I DISAGREE. Also, I don’t understand how you missed the complex messages around gender included in such moments as:

    – Shoes made of gold
    – A Horse

    Okay, but in all seriousness, they are dancing at the armed forces! Come on!

    I’ll just be over here gyrating in my underwear and gold shoes.

    • Yes, the gold shoes were a highlight for me, and now you mention, Who Shall Remain Nameless, I def should have picked the horse would have been crucial in your appreciation 😉

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