Sportswomen, what sportswomen?

Tomorrow there’s a thrilling final of a Trans-Tasman sporting competition happening. Two teams, stacked with internationals from Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and Samoa, will be battling out a fixture which pits the Australian (unbeaten all season) side against the New Zealand (first time in the finals in four years) side.

The best player in the league is playing for the Aussie team, lining up against a 19 year old kiwi who has impressed beyond all expectations this year. The best player in the Commonwealth Games final, whose last play won New Zealand a gold medal, will be lining up for the kiwi team, alongside the Samoan shooter with the best conversion rate (93%) in the league.

And this is what the sports page on Stuff looks like today:

Marina Erakovic and the New Zealand women’s football team on up there. Yay.

But where’s the bloody netball, Stuff? Go the Mystics…..


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