Completely incompetent Peter

Dr Peter Jansen, not content with being the poster boy for ACC Sensitive Claims Unit disastrous Clinical Pathway, has taken to suing people who say things about him he doesn’t like.

Or has he?  Nick Smith now says no, Dr Jansen has changed his mind, and all he really wanted was an apology.  Guess that’s because Labour’s Carmel Sepuloni wiped the floor with Tony Ryall, answering on behalf of Nick Smith, in Parliament earlier this week.

Dr Jansen just wanting an apology doesn’t quite ring true, when you hear the story of the person who Dr Jansen is suing.

This is a nasty case of bullying by a man who has headed up a process which is unethical, dangerous and in at least two cases that I know of, deadly.  Good on K1W1 for holding Dr Jansen to account.

And I’ll add my own “honestly held opinion” – this is yet another abuse of power from Dr Jansen.  “Completely Incompetent Prick”?  You’re getting off lightly, Peter.


One thought on “Completely incompetent Peter

  1. Wow, that guy has some ego! And now he wants a public apology too! FFS It’s not like proving he is an Incompetent is going to be hard. He is dreaming if he thinks he will get $250,000 even if there is a conviction.

    I do hope he can prove his pain and suffering (or ‘mental injury’) under the DSM-IV because that is the only worthwhile tool to use. Oh, and lets not forget we may have to apportion some of that impairment rating off due to other events from childhood or work stress, those other blogs or those nasty, nasty sexual abuse industry supporters attacking you last year. Also, can you prove Dr. Jansen you didn’t have a “pre-existing” condition before this? Yes, well we best send you to a couple of Independant Clinicians to all determine this. And we will get back to you in….. well…… 18 months.

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