MediaWorks “Win-A-Woman-Rug”

New campaign from MediaWorks and they’ve gone back to the future:

MediaWorks executive Richard Cranium says “Look we know this will offend some women out there, but we’re all about having a laugh, and the idea that if you wear these new pants, that you’ll stand on a woman, it’s just ridiculous.  What’s happened to our sense of humour?”

Mr Cranium also says the hard-hitting company will continue to promote their unique values through The Rock, RadioLive Sport and advertising for television’s Channel 4.

“Look, at the end of the day, it’s all about blokes for MediaWorks.  They like us, they listen to us, we do things they wish they could.  We’re just redressing the balance a little.” 

Dacron Mr Leggs executive Pat Triarchy loves his company’s new campaign.  “We’ll use this image over and over again.  It’s sexy and fun.  Love MediaWorks!”

A big Happy International Women’s Day from me.

****** names in this blog which resemble actual living people are completely coincidental.  I made them up.

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