The Robertson Position

I think I am becoming a stereotype of myself.  Because, despite attempting to constantly discuss violence against women in ways which provoke new analysis – and believe, I try pretty fucking hard – just what is a feminist who fights violence against women in her paid, voluntary and free time for oh, about twenty years, well just what the fuck am I supposed to say to this?

“Sexual encounters have their ups and downs, their ebbs and flows. What may be unwanted one moment can with further empathy become desired.”

The first sentence, yes Geoffrey-Robertson-QC-defending-Julian-Assange-against-rape-allegations.  Very true.  It is indeed the case that sexual encounters change over time.  That is what distinguishes them from, well, watching grass grow I suppose.

But that second, repulsive, rape apologist piece of bile?  All we need to be doing if something is unwanted is have “further empathy”?  With whom?  The person doing the unwanted thing?

Right.  So next time you’re being raped, try and think about how it feels for the rapist.  Then you’ll be ok with it.  That is really what this man is telling us.

Fuck off Geoffrey Robertson.  You almost make it impossible to even wonder if Julian Assange is innocent, with absolute and utter tripe like this.  You’re doing him no service. You’re doing the women who say things Julian Assange did to them which were non-consensual, and indeed any person who has ever been forced or coerced into unwanted sexual activities the ultimate disrespect of telling them their experiences don’t count.

Oh, and last time I looked the missionary position was dull, yep, if occasionally fun for a change – but it had nothing to do with pinning down and rape. 

Different things Geoffrey, different things.

One thought on “The Robertson Position

  1. Got out of bed…one mouthful of coffee, a quick gig, reading your post…. “I’m forken awake now!”

    Damn. I thought I would a day off but I see this voluntary- feminist-anti rape-missionary position I have put myself in knows no bounds. You do raise an interesting issue here. One I am not to comfortable with but one I know a lot about (personally) – empathy. I feel a blog coming on…..

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