John Key: Big Gay Flop

The Big Gay Out sounds like it was it’s usual raving success in Auckland, proving despite Wellie’s crown as most queer friendly city to live in here in Aotearoa, queers party better in warm, crowded places. 

And it was packed with politicians trying to win the Rainbow vote.  John Key didn’t try out his catwalk, perhaps too frightened that the sexiness that makes Liz Hurley go wild might not go down quite so well with this audience.  Or, that’s right, it was a bit stupid.

What he did promise though must be changing the hearts and voting desires of queer people all over Aotearoa:

 “I promised not to roll back gay rights and I have kept my promise.”

Shucks, this bisexual is just going to have to keep sitting on the fence with promises like that.  Thanks John.


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