Don’t you want me John????? How about you Andy? Richard?

Oh, it’s a strange, strange world.  If I don’t like the leader of the country I live in talking about how he wishes he could cheat on his wife like Tiger Woods and Shane Warne with a man guilty of wife-bashing, then it’s because I wish he wanted to shag me.

And if I’m a lineswoman in a Premier League match in the UK, then I can’t do my job, because I’m a girl.  So I’m fair game for the Sky Sport commentators, the delightful Andy Gray and Richard Keys:

Fair cop, Richard Keys and Andy Gray were not on air when they came up with this.  Just at work, in the hearing of colleagues.  Which means when they ultimately lose their jobs – because us female fans of sport actually want to be able to watch in peace, without the side order of sexism boys – they can be described as “victims”.  That’s right, the poor dears, why shouldn’t they be able to talk about how incompetent women are at work?  What is the world coming to? 

And why shouldn’t Richard Keys be able to talk about having sex with women as “smashing” them, or “hanging out the back of them”?  We’re up for that, aren’t we ladies?

Actually, while we’re at it, why can’t, when he’s at work, Andy Gray just be allowed to direct female colleagues to his crotch for a bit of after-hours fun?

It’s enough to turn a female sports lover off.  Except for, as usual, Richard Boock in the Sunday Star Times yesterday:

All media organisations should take a good, long look at the Sky controversy. What it tells us is that it’s not only unacceptable to have reporters and presenters promoting bigotry on-air but also off-air, and especially if within earshot of work colleagues. Keys talked about “dark forces” working against him; in reality it was probably just a bunch of miffed co-workers who could tolerate his immaturity no longer. And neither should they have to.

A silver lining? Just that bSkyB sent out an important message last week, reminding the sports media that there’s no need to act as a safe- house for sexist diehards. Hopefully, it’ll be received loud and clear.

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