Hatred blooms unless we all weed it out

This made me cry this morning.  Two women targets of hate.  Here in Mangawhai Heads, Te Tai Tokerau, Aotearoa.  Because they love each other.

 Lindsay Curnow and Juliet Leigh not only had their business and livelihood, Blooming Bulbs, set ablaze deliberately in a fire which has caused an estimated $100,000 damage.

They have not only lost personal possessions like clothes, musical arrangements, old cards, letters and photographs and momentos from the early years of Juliet’s children.

They have not only even lost Lindsay’s ancestry files, dating her family back to William the Conqueror and early 1700s Ireland.

They have lost trust in a communty they have semi-retired into, in their sixties, and lived and loved in for seven years.

I say that not only because of the arson attack, bad enough, but clearly shocking to other community members who, according to Lindsay and Juliet, they have felt accepted by.

The problem is, the two women had a warning signal first.  Hate graffiti.  Plastered on their packing shed where the business was based, their house and their cars.

The graffiti was eloquent – arrangements of “dike” (sic), “trash”, “filthy” and “dirty”.  Lindsay and Juliet’s response was pretty straightforward.  They called the local police.

Curnow says the hate graffiti makes her feel sick. “We rang the cops and they said ‘send in photos’. I don’t think they took it that seriously then.”

I hope they are taking it seriously now.  And I hope every member of the Mangawhai Heads community who wasn’t involved in this is taking it seriously too.  As in making it clear to one another that hatred on the basis of love is completely unacceptable to them.

Local Police are inviting members of the public to come forward with information, by contacting Detective John Gilbert at the Rodney CIB, or calling the Crimestoppers line anonymously on 0800-555-111.  If you know something and want to live in a place where we can love another adult in peace, do it.

One thought on “Hatred blooms unless we all weed it out

  1. Great post. I felt so sad when I saw this story. Yes, it’s only the work of a pathetic few haters, but it is the community that permits it to happen, and also the community that will stop it. I was encouraged by the response from locals, who clearly thought that the couple were a little unusual, but mostly seemed to just shrug their shoulders and accept them. I guess that acceptance needs to be more active.

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