Dirty Sesh “hadn’t thought about it”, and Mike King is “unaware”

Tim Van Dammen, the director of Dirty Sesh’s “Forever” video – the one featuring stalking, terrorising and killing of a woman – has made this comment to my post about the video.

The video you have posted is the internet-only ’shock’ video funded independently by the record label.

This video was NOT funded by NZOA here is the link to the one that was.

Mr Van Dammen’s link shows the video that the record label made differs in the “intro” – the bits where we see the knife repeatedly, the dripping blood, the parts of the women’s body all cut up.

The NZOA video in contrast, just features a woman being stalked and kidnapped after the man she is with is bashed, and closes with her screaming as she looks up to see Dirty Sesh in his hoodie walking towards her.  A large knife lies on the table in front of him, next to a pool of dark liquid.

As Mr Van Dammen says in the weekend’s Sunday Star Times article:

It’s about time New Zealand music had a villain.

Poor old Dirty Sesh “hadn’t thought about it” when he made this video.

I understand where they’re coming from but it’s entertainment, it’s fake. I don’t really want to go around stabbing anybody.

I didn’t know Dirty Sesh was Mike King’s son when I posted last week, and Mike King apparently didn’t know anything about the video. 

Mike King said he had not seen his son’s music video and was unaware of the controversy.

Except that according to Russell Brown, Dirty Sesh only got a contract with his record label because Daddy funded the cost of the album and video.  I guess there’s just a whole lot of people out there who don’t know how this video was made, didn’t have any idea it might upset anyone, and just can’t imagine why the real-life horrific experiences of violence might be triggered by this, to quote Russell Brown, “revolting piece of shit.”

The label, Moving the Crowd, suggest on their website that if we don’t like the video we ask YouTube to censor it. 

How about we ask Moving the Crowd not to make such crap in the first place?

And continue to ask NZOA why they are funding such women hatred

To be clear, I don’t hold them solely responsible for making the video – but we do pay their wages, and I expect them to be a bit more careful with my money than this rubbish.

12 thoughts on “Dirty Sesh “hadn’t thought about it”, and Mike King is “unaware”

  1. I’ve been told by two different people that Mike King was very much “aware” of the content of the video. — to the extent that he oversaw its editing.

    I respect what King has done with the Nutters’ Club project, but he simply isn’t being honest about his role here. And it’s not like people didn’t warn him along the way.

    • The concept was first discussed with the label and Sesh about 6 months ago. I was hired to execute it.

      The TV version of the video was shot in Rotoiti then 3 weeks later the other song and explicit intro were shot.

      I can tell you for a fact that Mike King had absolutely no input in the process – I find it odd that he is being discussed in relation to the video at all.

      I think everyone’s learned something from this experience.

      • I’ve learnt there’s pretty much always some white guy in the background keen as to get easy publicity & money out of some brown stereotypes. You’re part of the problem of our rising violent crime rates. You and your crew are just as culpable. Thanks Tim. Hope you’re proud of yourselves & your revolting piece of shit.

  2. hmm. The music industry as a consummable form of entertainment has a responsibility to its audience, to its audience of women, to treat them with respect. the perpetuation of discourses about women as the passive subjects of unwanted sexual attention and violence cannot be downplayed as a harmless pursuit of making cool vids for the kids. This stuff fits right into Sut Jhallys dreamworlds 3 piece on the subjegation of women in music videos. Makes me sad. 2010 and we’re still knuckle grazers.

  3. awesome video! best nz video ever imo if dirty sesh is frightening these little middle-class white middle-aged media whingers – good! i love him even more 🙂

  4. so i guess when the next horror movi comes out with a female getting killed.. we better complain about it..grow up people this is art..derty sesh is dope!

    • Sure, it’s art – crap art – but art nontheless. (In fairness to the director, it’s not the technical/craft side that’s crap.)

      Criticism of art is a grown up activity, Aztek.

  5. “…the real-life horrific experiences of violence might be triggered by this,”

    The video was a piece of juvenile, misogynistic posing. But I find it unlikely it would actually cause specific acts of violence. And there are a lot of even worse things available to the kids these days.

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