Salient Gang Rape cartoon update

Here we have it – the Salient-invited response from Fiona McNamara to the Grant-Buist-penned gang rape cartoon published earlier this year.

Fiona has been pretty measured, despite what a strong reaction those objecting to this cartoon continue to draw from a few of the cartoonist’s supporters.  See the comments section if you have a strong stomach. 

Aside: can anyone explain to me why some people, in commenting on stories about rape, use pseudonyms about rape?  I’ve seen “Raptor” and “Rack Papist” with this story, and vividly remember arguing in Salient when I was a baby student with a man who would only call himself “Buster Hymen” in print.

Last word with Fiona:

The whole cartoon bases its comedy on stereotypes and unfortunately, the stereotypes of a rugby team attempting to rape a young girl in a short skirt are stereotypes not unfamiliar in our society, however incorrect, offensive and upsetting they may be toward females, survivors of sexual violence, rugby players or the general public. The two real problems here are with the general attitude of society toward this very serious issue and the effect that the cartoon may have had on some of its readers.

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