Family Violence Murders according to Judy Turner

Good grief, the terrifying spectacle of making stats fit your argument regardless of the facts is upon us once more.

The Family Violence Death Review Committee have just told us that 13 women, 12 men and 16 children were killed last year in family violence incidents, an improvement on previous years when it has been near impossible to receive gender breakdowns on deaths.

Fast as lightening, United Future former MP Judy “Darling of the Father’s Rights Groups” Turner says:

Men made up nearly one third of all deaths in the statistics released yet there is almost a total ignorance of men as the victims of family violence from both advocacy groups and within government policy…The anti-male bias in media campaigns and government programs is not helpful in my view and merely says to men who suffer from abuse at home that they do not matter and have nobody to turn to.

There is no confirmation, yet, of who killed these people.  We know from previous years that typically men kill women, and men and women kill children, with women more likely to kill babies, and men more likely to kill several children at once.

And we also know, from previous years, that most men killed in family violence incidents are killed by other men.

Violent men killing ex-partner’s new boyfriends when they kill their ex-partner, because they cannot stand to see her with another man.    Violent men killing men who intervene when they see an assault on a woman happening.  Violent men killing themselves after they kill their ex-partners, because they don’t want to face justice for murder.

All of these incidents are worth interventions – but pretending family violence is gender neutral, as Judy Turner suggests, is not the way to save these men’s lives.

Ms Turner then insists:

This Government needs to send a signal to men that they matter too, acknowledging men as sufferers of family violence and including men’s advocates in policy-making around family violence would be a good start.

Men’s advocates are involved in policy-making around family violence.  Men like Brian Gardner, chief exec of the National Network of Stopping Violence Services, which run programmes for men who want to stop using violence all over the country.

Brian Gardner, I guess, just keeps paying too much attention to gender for Judy Turner and her friends.  As we all should, if we want to stop family violence deaths of men, women and children.


7 thoughts on “Family Violence Murders according to Judy Turner

  1. Female involvement in domestic violence is well documented. Researchers in the United States agree that men and women initiate violence about equally, and that men are slightly more likely than women to be injured. You can easily find references to the numerous studies done if you Google for it. Professor Don Dutton of the University of British Columbia, and Dr. Murray Strauss of the University of New Hampshire are leading authorities.

    • Hi Mongo,
      yep, there is lots of evidence using the Conflict Tactics Scale – Dr Strauss’s baby – which says that women and men are equally violent. The problems with this scale are also well documented – it misses out sexual violence, it ignores context of violence (eg I stab you, you push me away, we get one score each on the CTS), it relies on self-reporting and does not reference police reports or hospital intakes or family violence murders or intakes into refuges.
      Evidence based on all of these things show a huge gender skewing in domestic violence. That is, women take out more than 90% of protection orders, women are the victims in more than 85% of the police reports, thousands of women access refuges and crisis lines every year. And women are killed by male partners at the rate of about one every five weeks in New Zealand. The cases of men killed by female partners are so few we remember their names – thankfully – I wish we could say the same for women murdered by male partners.
      This doesn’t mean there are no female perpetrators of domestic violence on men – but it does mean claims of anything comparable in terms of prevalence of perpetration are complete and utter nonsense.

  2. Your claims are incorrect. For some years now one quarter to one third as many men are killed by their female partners as women are killed by their male partners. Some studies have shown that approximately the same proportion applies to injuries requiring medical treatment. Independent research studies show that females initiate physical violence against their male partners at least as often as do males against females. Yes, men’s violence tends to more serious but that is on average, and it remains true that many men are victims of serious violence in various forms from women.

    Brian Gardner may be a man but he can hardly be called a men’s advocate. He runs an organization that colludes with state violence against men the likes of which we usually expect only from totalitarian states run by despotic leaders. That violence involves forcing men under threat of imprisonment into a form of weekly periodic detention at feminist indoctrination centres, in the absence of any fair trial or proof of wrongdoing (in addition to removal of various other fundamental civil rights such as the right to occupy one’s own property, and all based on unsubstantiated claims by women often in the context of legal disputes over children and/or relationship property). Gardner’s organization then practises its indoctrination according to the highly discredited Duluth “Power and Control” model, essentially a misandrist ideology the tenets of which were never based on any scientific research. The men’s movement will mainly see Brian Gardner as an enemy of men. It is rare for policy makers and news reports ever to seek the input of anyone from the men’s movement.

    Judy Turner is spot on in what she says. Sadly, her party leader Peter Dunne has never recognized men’s plight or shown any interest in contributing to men’s welfare. He has recently refused to meet with a group of men to receive a petition calling for an enquiry into male suicide, just one of the numerous social indicators showing men to be a disadvantaged group. The petition will be received by Annette King.

    • HI Hans,
      please point us to this research: For some years now one quarter to one third as many men are killed by their female partners as women are killed by their male partners.
      I’ve never seen anything like this, and I’m interested. Though of course even if it were true – and that’s a big if, from my knowledge of domestic violence homicides – we would still have four or three times as many women murdered by male partners as vice versa. And there would still be the fact that in homicides of male partners, as in homicides of female partners, the most typical context is male violence against women.

  3. I think relying on police reporting and hospital intakes present very significant problems in themselves -the most obvious ones being men’s greater reluctance to identify as victims of D.V., and a wider social reluctance to believe them if they try. Which methods we are most supportive of, and which we most easily dismiss are good indicators of our own particular biases. It would be unnatural to assume that academics are any different to the rest of us in this regard.

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