International Women’s Day

I’ve written a blog for the Reuters Great Debate series for International Women’s Day.  This is how it starts:

International Women’s Day number 99, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Stage set for the perennial argument – is feminism still necessary?  Or merely an academic subject for historians, with IWD covered in a lecture?

New Zealand men’s rights activists and groups describing themselves as pro-family advance further and argue feminism has gone too far, particularly in the realm of interpersonal intimate relationships.  Women are increasingly violent and reports of domestic violence and rape are exaggerated. Women’s rights advocates, they tell us, have much to  answer for.

So what about relationships in New Zealand?

If you live in Wellington and are wanting something to do on March 8th, come along to the Roundtable on Violence Against Women action:

To mark International Women’s Day, Monday 8 March, the Roundtable on
Violence Against Women invite you to join a “flash mob” against violence
towards women.

A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public
place, do some action that gains attention from passers-by, and then
quickly disperse. This will be a peaceful event!

Please gather at 12.30pm on the grass at Midland Park (near Kircaldie and
Stains) on Lambton Quay, WELLINGTON.

Bring a memento (flower, picture, poem, etc) that honours women who have
survived violence, or symbolises hope for a violence-free future. Please
place this item in the centre of the group, stand in silence for 5 minutes
or so, then leave.

The Hand Mirror have a list of other events all over the place.


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