Alison Mau invites us to tell the media to go find some news

Julie at the Hand Mirror recently took the Herald on Sunday apart, for their breathless commentary on newsreader Alison Mau’s love life:

In fact it seems to me more like prurient gossip, complete with paparazzi pics. And if Ali had a new boyfriend rather than a new girlfriend it would never have made the front page, or the third page. There’s more than a whiff of homophobia about this one.

Apart from the Herald gossip columnist’s headline making me want to croon “my new lady lurve” in a demented Barry White type fashion (which believe me, dear reader is NOT PRETTY), I have to say I agree.

GayNZ tells us Ms Mau may be about to go public in a women’s magazine.  The Herald story “outing” Ms Mau was, it seems, written without her input.

Ms Mau herself denies vehemently she ever had any plans for a women’s mag paying her to talk about her love-life.  Just before she throws New Idea and Women’s Day over her shoulder on national television for stalking her while she went to the supermarket and watched her children play sport.

Her “stunning pre-prepared outburst” is being condemned by another gossip columnist at Stuff.  

I don’t care who Alison Mau is shagging, provided it’s consensual and non-abusive.  And while there’s no doubt many of us don’t get to post email addresses of people we don’t agree with on national television, it’s hard to see why anyone in the media is defending this. 

Additional big ups to Ms Mau – her responses so far have not kowtowed to homophobia in any way.


5 thoughts on “Alison Mau invites us to tell the media to go find some news

  1. I find it amazing that the following week there was ANOTHER story about her – pretty much HoS defending their previous story. It’s all rather pathetic.

    And I totally cringed at the Lady love bit – it made it even worse. Ughh I’d never work at that shitty tabloid (unless I got made redundant and had nowhere else to work heh).

    • I cant believe she was a lesbian all through her marriage to simon,i really feel sorry for her kids its hard enough when thry leave for a man but harder when its the same sex.Why do they have to do the marriage thing it makes it even worse.Iam totally against same sex marriage it just isnt normal but then what is these days.People have no morals anymore ,dread to think what the future will be like it will be anything goes.Hope simon finds a good woman as he deserves it,what a nice man and a big loss to her.maggie

      • Hi Maggie,
        I don’t think Alison Mau describes herself as lesbian, I’m pretty sure she’s clear that she fell in love with a woman and that she now describes herself as bisexual. And while kids do find it difficult to understand when adult relationships change, I disagree entirely with you that staying in a relationship which doesn’t make you happy is good for children. The assumptions you are making here – that same sex relationships are less valid than opposite sex ones – are, in my opinion, clouding your ability to think about this situation.

  2. being in the media if she puts it out there what does she expect ? so all the time she was with simon dallow for 19 years she secretly wanted to be with another woman..then she calls someone creepy who was following her doing a story about this?? i think she has issues!

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