National won’t raise GST, yeah right

John Key says “NO” to GST because National wants to cut taxes not raise taxes:

Oh, wait, that was when he was trying to get our votes.  Not now, when National get to determine how much tax voters pay. 

Bernard Hickey has been scathing to pretty much any media that will have him:

[John Key] decided not to challenge a generation of voters who are now rich because of the property boom and don’t want to give it up. He is cementing in place the biggest transfer of wealth between generations in New Zealand’s history.

He is saying to a generation unlucky enough not to own property in 2002 that they can give up on the dream of family home ownership in the main cities unless they can pry the money out of their parents. He is saying to all those too poor to own a home now will never be able to own their own home. He is accepting the poverty and the hopelessness that often is attached to the working poor in rental accommodation. He is saying tough. My backers own property. We won. You lost. Eat that.


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