Bisexuals who exist are trendy

Apparently being bisexual is in fashion.  Again.  I know because US magazine The Advocate says so, and even shows off 20 pretty people who say they like women and men.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard that being bi is trendy.  Probably about as many times as I’ve heard bisexuality doesn’t exist.

These 20 are kinda interesting though, for the range of identities they describe.  From “if I need a label” via “equal opportunity lech” to “I think I was born bisexual” we have several options.

Bi musicians too have celebrated a range of ways of describing their attractions to men and women, like Ani Difranco, with more than one membership to more than one club:

Or David Bowie, managing his complicated love-life:

Peaches, not having to make a choice, because she likes girls and she likes boys:

The delicious Damon Albarn from Blur tempting monosexuals who haven’t found men appealing until now by describing hedonistic summer fun:

Ben Harper – an honorary addition to this list – celebrating mothers moving into woman loving:

The Killers with their not confidential potential:

Living Colour being loved by everyone:

Or Jill Sobule kissing a girl long before Katy Perry ever felt worried about whether her boyfriend would like it:

One of my absolute faves, though is Aoteoroa’s own Hinemoana Baker, who describes “Free”  as her very own bisexual anthem.  We need more.


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