Singapore sexism

Good news for big breasted women in Singapore.  Free alcohol, just because of your mammaries, if you get yourself down to the Overeasy nightclub. 

Overeasy differentiates between A-cups (1 free drink), B-cups (2), C-cups (3) and D-cups get a whole free bottle of vodka.  But don’t worry, it’s being done with due care:

To ascertain bra size the promotion will allow for one male and one female judge to visually assess bra cup size, “They are not boob experts, and neither are they from a bra company. They are our personal friends who will simply guess-timate as to the women’s bra cup sizes,” said Ms Ho, “We don’t condone touch tests,” she said.

I’m so glad I live in a post-feminist world. 

This reminds me of hitch-hiking in Ireland, about 18 years ago.  I had cycled for a couple of weeks, left my hired bike in north-western Ireland, and was trying to hitch back to Dublin to catch my flight.

The first couple of rides were short, interesting and fine.  The third, from a man older than my father and driving a very posh car, was less pleasant.  After the usual chit-chat, he put his hand on my knee while driving.  I removed his hand.  Then he told me I had nice breasts. 

I was wearing a big baggy tee-shirt which said “Leave Me Alone” and cycling shorts.  I had that “just cycled 65 kms” kinda smell, augmented by grime from Ireland’s rural roads smeared about my person. 

Absolutely up for sex, obviously.

I told him my breasts were an accident of nature, and I was far prouder of my thighs, then as now thick muscled cycling induced rock.  And I told him, repeatedly over three hours, that I was not interested in sleeping with him, that he was old enough to be my father, and that I found his requests repulsive.

He dropped me off at a youth hostel in Dublin and gave me his card.  I threw it in the bin and went off to cook enormous piles of food in the communal kitchen.

I hope any women going to Overeasy feel similarly able to deal with any unwelcome attention they get – seems like a recipe for sexual harassment and sexual violence to me.  And I can just imagine how easy to report harm it will be.


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