Today’s fish and chip wrapper

 Can’t link to this electronically so here’s a picture from Friday’s Dominion Post –  Tiger Woods mocked up post taking a beating from his wife. 

Would it be “funny” if it was the other way around?  Or if it was, say, Tony Veitch standing next to a mocked up photo of Kristen Dunne Powell with stitches and her teeth missing while he held a weapon?

It seems that Tiger Woods is unlikely to be the victim of abuse in his relationship with his partner – most of the gossip has been about his alleged affairs, not his wife’s “tempestuousness” or whatever the current euphemism is now. 

But this is still NOT FUNNY.

5 thoughts on “Today’s fish and chip wrapper

  1. Yes,

    Lighten up you guys. Really one cannot go around seeing evil in everything, and imbalance in every joke. Political correctness may have its place, but in my view the best place for it is in that little house at the bottom of the garden.

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