Nick Smith backs down on ACC abuse

The Sensitive Claims Unit are to be reviewed, according to ACC Minister Nick Smith:

I have requested ACC to do an independent clinical review of their management of the sensitive claims, the new process, the board and ACC have agreed to do that.

Now let’s just see if he thinks the review should happen before the unethical new pathway is introduced, so that a better pathway for everyone – survivors of sexual violence, counsellors, sexual violence agencies and ACC – could be designed.  That would mean halting the implementation – which in theory began today.

He’s got to be annoyed with ACC – beating up on survivors of sexual abuse is a bad, bad look.  Although, according to Stuff, he says the problem is professional tension between different types of therapist.

Or will the “review”, which will take six months, actually just rubber stamp the new process, and put off the huge swell of anger and outrage which this unethical framework continues to provoke?

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