Barbie and Obama

I look away from the news for a bit while I try and get to grips with work piling up around me, and what happens?

A Nobel Peace Prize has been given to a US President just because in two weeks he hadn’t blown anyone new up.   Or had he?  John Pilger is even more cynical about Obama’s prize than I am.  But even Pilger doesn’t mention that previous Nobel Peace Prize nominees include Adolf Hitler in 1939 and Josef Stalin in 1945 and 1948.

There’s been talk that Obama’s prize is for the good work he will do.  If that’s true, it’s in direct contradiction of the intention of Alfred Nobel, whose will states he has set up:

…. a fund, the interest on which shall be annually awarded as prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind………………one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses.

Obama could have turned it down.  Like Le Duc Tho, the Vietnamese Communist who turned down the award in 1973, pointing out that Vietnam was far from peaceful.

Then there is the revelation that Barbie’s ankles are in fact, too fat to wear sexy shoes, according to shoe designer Christian Louboutin:

Barbie needs to wear great shoes because every girl needs to wear great shoes. I guess I always had a little ‘girlie side’ who liked Barbie.

lamboutinshoeYou put this thing on then, you sadist, and spend the day stomping around in it.  Why on earth men who make millions out of women’s fashion don’t make the stuff they “always dreamed of” for themselves is a great unanswered question.

Or could it be because high heels cause spinal problems, hammer toes, bunions and nerve problems in women’s feet?  Perhaps fashion boys are happy giving women the opportunity to deform our bodies

But anyway, back to Christian’s comments on Barbie’s fat ankles.  He’s helping redesign a new, thinner, Barbie.

According to research, if Barbie was real, she would be unable to menstruate because her fat percentage would be too low.  This is the doll that makes young girls want to be thinner, even when they are a healthy size already.

If Barbie was life-size, this is what she’d look like, according to the BBC, with a real woman thrown in there just for kicks:

Barbie in Real Life

To be allowed her real waist size, Libby would have to be 7 foot 6 if she was Barbie-proportioned.  Can’t wait to see what we’ll be trying to look like post-Christian.


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