Kiwi men in bed

Kiwi men are the 8th best lovers in the world, according to an online poll of 15,000 women.

Leaving aside the rampant heterosexism (much as it pains me), Market Researchers OnePoll have the list of best and worst male heterosexers here, and it’s made the papers:


1. Germany (too smelly)
2. England (too lazy)
3. Sweden (too quick)
4. Holland (too dominating)
5. America (too rough)
6. Greece (too lovey-dovey)
7. Wales (too selfish)
8. Scotland (too loud)
9. Turkey (too sweaty)
10. Russia (too hairy)


1. Spain
2. Brazil
3. Italy
4. France
5. Ireland
6. South Africa
7. Australia
8. New Zealand
9. Denmark
10. Canada

I kinda wish the best list had comments too.  I’d like to know if Spanish men ask women what we like, or kiss softly, or know sex doesn’t just mean intercourse, or can’t imagine sexual activity taking place unless both people want it, or are experts in cunnilingus.

Or maybe I’m taking this just a little too seriously 😉


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