Stop cuts to therapy for people surviving rape

If you are not happy with the proposed changes in funding for therapy for survivors of sexual abuse and rape, you can sign a petition here, which will be presented to ACC Minister Nick Smith before the changes are due to come into force, on October 12th.

The petition says:

All professionals involved in the treatment of these clients in New Zealand agree: that these proposed changes are clinically unsound, and contrary to ACC’s statutory requirement to provide treatment that conforms “to best clinical practice.”

Under the changes ACC want to make it harder to get funding by making a diagnosis of mental illness a requirement. Furthermore they propose limiting funding to only sixteen sessions.

They also expect clients to disclose the assault(s) and then wait, with no counselling to happen until ACC has approved the claim. This process of approval currently takes weeks, sometimes months.

It’s asking for delay in the changes, already delayed once due to public opposition.  Again, you can sign it here

Please do – sexual abuse counselling is an important part of recovery for many people who are raped – and these changes will stop people getting the help they need.

One thought on “Stop cuts to therapy for people surviving rape

  1. been visiting ur blog for three days. really like what you posted. by the way i will be doing study about this topic. do you know any other good websites or online forums that I can find out more? many thanks.

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