Murray McCully and I on holiday

I’ve been away on holiday.  Cycling around beautiful te tai tokerau, camping beside the sea.Mangowhai Clifftop WalkwayWaiwera

Drinking in tiny pubs with friendly locals and Monteiths on tap.

Puhoi PubReading the Herald, and enjoying the change from the Dominion Post. 

And less pleasantly, cycling through opulent suburbs littered with palatial mansions like Brown’s Bay.

Seriously, people in Brown’s Bay have “staff”, tending their lawns and neatly manicured hedges, their water features and flower beds.  I know, because I saw them.  Working intently in the grounds, while Brownites lunched and presumably discussed how to make more money and where to send dear little Johnny to learn how to rule.

Brown's Bay

My fears of arrest as a refugee bogan were not realised when I cycled down the seafront boulevard after picnicking on the empty, pristine beach, past the upper classes lunching in delis serving over-priced, european food. 

But I did see the messiah overlord, promising safety to Brownites Baysters.  Security for their hard-won assets, surety for their profits, sanctuary from poor people, who like me, might cycle in AT ANY TIME…… 

There, on the side of the building, huge and benign, the smiling visage of their very own representative of the Daddy State.  Just like the sign said lovingly, “Your MP, representing You”.


Murray and I had a grand holiday, thanks for asking.


One thought on “Murray McCully and I on holiday

  1. Murray McCully is just one of the several reasons I could never vote for National. Tony Ryall is another. Judith Collins another. I couldn’t vote for party that saw people like thes rise to the top. What does it say about the REST of them?

    One must think about such things….however difficult and distasteful.

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