Chris Trotter needs some ovaries

Ahh, the pleasures of holidays.  Missing  Dominion Post articles was certainly right up there for me.

Like this absolute gem from Chris Trotter.  Hat-tip to Stargazer over at the Hand Mirror, who has pulled his article apart in ways which honour left-wing women.

Mr Trotter, once again, is wanting the world to return to the days when white heterosexual men ran it without challenge.  Those bad white heterosexual men, who are rich, and run the National Party.  And those good white heterosexual men, who are working class, and formed the Labour Party.

He is positively frittering with delight at male ownership of the Labour Party, evidenced most audibly by masculine roars accompanying the watching of rugby apparently.

For the first time in a long while, the concerns, priorities and aspirations of working-class men were at the front of the policy queue. For these blokes, Labour’s 2008 defeat has been a sort of vindication: final proof that a political discourse which either renders men invisible or casts them as villains comes with a very high electoral price-tag.

And, thrillingly, he asks Labour a really tough political question:

Can Labour, once again, become a party with balls?

Women, in Mr Trotter’s fairytale of the left in New Zealand, are reduced to damsels in need of white-horse type chivalry from left-wing men:

In that line we can still hear the caustic mixture of shame and rage experienced by working- class men and boys who could not rescue their wives and mothers from the humiliation of scrubbing the floors of their “betters”.

I wonder why those left-wing men like Mr Trotter didn’t take up the work of cleaning themselves?  In their own homes at the very least.  Could it be because the only “better” it is acceptable for heterosexual working-class women to clean up after is their “better half”, their bloke?

Tired, tired, tired Mr Trotter.

Many of us think inequality – on the basis of class, race, sexuality or gender – should be challenged, exposed, ended.  Just when we need to be supporting one another, while right-wing ideas are once again being pushed into practice in ways which will harm the majority of communities in Aotearoa, you are calling for Daddy to come make it ok again.

Just like, oh, the right?

Your misogyny defies belief.  Until all of our political parties have ovaries – that is, care for and nurture all of the people in Aotearoa – inequality will persist. 

And by the way, that doesn’t mean I don’t think men can be caring and nurturing.  In fact, any of you men out there who are doing that already in your lives, good on you.   We just need more men like that.  Everywhere.  Starting perhaps at Bowalley Road.


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