Life as a solo mother sure ain’t what it’s cracked up to be

Like Anita at KiwiPolitico and the Queen of Thorns at Ideologically Impure, I am struggling with John Key’s description of his wife Bronagh as being “like a solo mum.”

I’m also struggling with the fact that John Key’s hair as a young man is not that dissimilar from my own now.  I’m not sure which way around this is more discrediting – I’m sure Mr Key wanted to look like a woman in her late-30s when he was younger.  I’ve never dated a woman or a man with hair like Bronagh’s though.

But snide comments on looks aside – because we don’t do that to male politicians, right?  Being a solo mum on the DPB means you access the princessly sum of $272 per week.

Being John Key’s wife means you have access to his estimated $50 million assets.  I think that includes his five homes in Auckland, Omaha Beach, Wellington, London and Hawaii, even though they are owned by a family trust and so avoid needing to be registered in the Register of Pecuniary Interests of Members of Parliament.

His salary as Prime Minister is $393,000 yearly.  That would take a solo mum on the DPB 27 years to amass.

His home in Hawaii alone cost him $4.36 million, according to the National Business Review rich list last year. 

That would take 308 years of drawing the DPB to be able to buy.  Oh, unless you did the odd spot of work – up to $80 per week remember – which didn’t lose you the benefit.  Then you might be able to trim off, say six months?

I’m not really of the opinion that many politicians keep in touch with what life is like for ordinary New Zealanders, let alone poor New Zealanders, struggling to bring up children well on limited rations.

But when John Key attempts to make himself look like “one of the people” and the media don’t poke fun at him at the very least, where the hell is their credibility?


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