Hatred, coming to a democratic country near you

Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004. 

But last month, in an act little short of thumbing their nose at the vaunted guarantees against discrimination on the basis of sexuality in the 1999 Treaty of Amsterdam, the Lithuanian parliament voted to ban the media and schools from spreading of information that “agitates for homosexual, bisexual relations, or polygamy.”

This is apparently because, as with suicide and violence, talking about queer stuff might have a “negative effect on the mental health, physical, intellectual, and moral development of youth.”

Lithuania have been on a collision course with the EU over queer rights for a while.  I guess we’ll get to see what teeth, if any, the EU has when it comes to legislating for hate.

If like me, you remember the hate-mongering caused by similar legislation in schools in the UK repealed only in 2003 – the infamous Section 28 – your thoughts will be with Lithuania queers, just trying to get about their everyday lives, living and loving.

Let’s just remind ourselves again – 7 countries where loving a same-sex partner could mean you can be legally killed by the state; 72 countries where you’ll just end up in prison for falling in love with someone with the same gender as you.

I feel some Diana Ross coming on…..


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