Talking about emissions and the weather

For those of you around the country interested in climate change, and wanting to make sure that New Zealand changes its less-than-impressive 11th place in international rankings of per capita emitters, these public consultations give us a limited chance to tell the government how we want Aotearoa to be represented at the United Nations Climate Change negotiations in December.

The Green Party have a list of issues to consider which may be of interest, and also link to the submissions made by other organisations.

RadioNZ is interested in the potential costs of capping emissions, by covering a new study commissioned by the Greenhouse Policy Coalition.  Great timing for the organisation which lobbies on behalf of:

  • New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Ltd
  • New Zealand Steel Limited
  • Fonterra
  • Coal Association
  • Carter Holt Harvey
  • Norske Skog Tasman
  • Pan Pacific Forest Products Ltd
  • SCA Hygiene Australasia 
  • Business New Zealand
  • Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd
  • Methanex New Zealand Limited

    The new report is written by Infometrics, the same company connected with the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research report commissioned by Solid Energy which criticised the Labour government’s emissions trading scheme.

    Such research considers costs of acting on climate change solely in terms of income generated.  It misses out the damage we’re doing to our world – let alone sound economic modelling such as the benefits to Aotearoa in terms of new “green” industries or of trade and tourism being, and being seen to be, clean and green by other countries.  It’s a partial view at the very best. 

    If you’re not sure that big business should be able to influence our climate change debate by buying research to scare the public horses, release timed for maximum impact on public debate, get yourself down to the consultations, or email Minister Nick Smith directly.

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