Sisters shouldn’t really do it for themselves

So Minister of Women’s Affairs Pansy Wong wants to see men help change sexism, and thinks they need to be more involved.

Me too.

But I’d rather see men sorting that out for themselves than taking over the precious small space the Ministry of Women’s Affairs holds – so precious, let’s not forget, that it’s very existence is somewhat of a miracle.

Instead, we have the Minister instructing the Ministry “thou shalt invite men” to a roundtable to discuss women in business.

When the numbers of women invited to the government Job Summit were 30 out of 195 attendees, it does make you wonder a minute.

So when it comes to jobs, we want to hear from… (and very particular types of men at that.)

And when it comes to women’s jobs, we want to hear from….men.

Send John Key a message about how this feels by clicking here:


Hat tip to the ever challenging Catherine Delahunty.


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