It’s only political if THEY do it…

Catching up with comments about the National Party’s new appointees within the public service is interesting.

While Labour were happy to sack Ministry of the Environment comms whiz Madeline Setchell because of her partner’s association with John Key, Labour MP Chris Hipkin is not happy about Bill English appointing contracted “purchase advisors” to sit in seven government departments and oversee spending now. 

Perhaps because he’s a first term MP, he can’t remember Labour’s stance in government.

And National MPs and right-wing blogs were baying for blood over Minister David Parker’s involvment in employment at MoE.  National Party policy pre-election stated they would:

Ensure that public service departments are not used for party political gain.
Reduce the number of communications and public relations advisers across the public service.
Restore the absolute commitment to the political neutrality of the public service.

But now there’s no problem with the direct appointment of the “purchase advisors”, and Bill English says he needs to do that because:

the Government was simply using the best advice possible and it needed objective input — which he said public servants were unable to provide as the sector had got used to getting whatever it asked for.

So I guess political interference is alright provided it’s you who is doing the interfering, according to the Right.

So who are the purchase advisors, politically appointed by National?  No Right Turn has some information – and they are not looking like the centrists that John Key would have us believe.

Two of the new appointees at least were Treasury Secretaries in the 1980s and 1990s while New Zealand lurched to the extreme Right. 

Hypocrisy all around, anyone?

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