New opportunities for patriarchy

Most critical discussion of the new National government has focussed the opportunities they are creating for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.  So tax cuts which benefit better off people; being able to sack new employees within the first 90 days with no hope of challenge.

What has not perhaps been quite as well scrutinised – except in terms of pay equity – is whether the National Party will support men’s rights over gender equity. 

Take a look at this press release for a moment, from the New Zealand Centre for Political Research.

It’s calling on the National government to do a line-by-line review of failed policy inititatives in family dysfunction because of:

the taxpayer-funded “industries” that have arisen to deal with family breakdown, domestic violence, abused children and solo mothers.

It quotes extensively from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research report commissioned by Family First which recommended supports for marriage, and argued this would have fiscal benefits for New Zealand.  But the problematic report is not sourced back to Family First – it’s become “the NZIER report”.

The NZCPR also quotes John Tamihere and Ian Wishart in evidencing the “anti-men, anti-family” ideas underpinning social policy at the moment in New Zealand, and says we need to get rid of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs because:

After three decades of public policy being designed to suit women, the number of boys and men that are now being significantly disadvantaged – especially in the education and health systems, in many employment sectors, and in the whole family law area – is rocketing. Surely the line by line review of the public service will highlight the fact that the Ministry of Women’s Affairs is now upsetting the balance in society and doing more harm than good. In light of this, the Ministry should be abolished and any useful roles picked up by the social policy arm of the Ministry of Social Development.

Guest commentator Stuart Birks is especially worried about domestic violence – which of course may be one of the reasons for that pesky family breakdown.

The present approach to domestic violence is based on the feminist myth that it is a one-way-street, with men the perpetrators and women the victims.

Then it’s trotting out David Fergusson and his conflict tactics scale to “prove” most domestic violence is mutual.  As with the Family First funded NZIER post, I’ve deconstructed this previously

We need to watch this space.  More on NZCPR another day.

3 thoughts on “New opportunities for patriarchy

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  2. Nobody likes to be challenged and the fact that feminism challenges the traditional male belief means it comes as no surprise that men do not like it. What erks me though is that the ‘women are just as violent as men’ argument is thrown about and often to simply minimise male violence. The fact is the Domestic Violence “industry” is thriving because Domestic Violence is thriving. When I do public education on DV I will always acknowledge that there are male victims of DV but those in the audience seem to argue that women are JUST AS VIOLENT with no substance to back their claims – why? – to minimise male violence in my opinion. Police, Medical and Ministry of Justice stats prove it is male dominated violence. You can argue with me by saying thats because men do not talk about it well often women will never disclose it either so does that mean that the stats showing male offenders is under represented too. Absolutely.

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