It’s just not cricket

I finish my journalism course requirements, newspaper sales in New Zealand are falling (6% and 7% of the NZ Herald and DomPo respectively).  And 15% staff cuts in major newspaper publishers in the US, and which major newspapers will go bust in the US next forming the latest list craze (Philadelphia Daily News with 100,000 readers, Minneappolis Star Tribune with 300,000 and Miami Herald with 220,000)

Now, I know it’s not all about me, but recession and finishing studying are not a great mix.

Still, at least there will be a little more blogging going on 🙂

Just a quick one today.

McGlashan tries to pull: PHOTO CricInfo

McGlashan tries to pull: PHOTO CricInfo

New Zealand has a real chance of winning the Cricket World Cup.  We’ve won all our pool games, including against holders Australia, and now go into the Super Six where two of our next three games should be one-way traffic.

Some of these games have been on TV – including tomorrow’s game against England on Prime – which I predict will be a shadow run of the eventual final, on March 22nd.  Fixture list here.

Otherwise though, it’s business as usual – next to no media coverage of a major sporting event – because it is women hitting the ball over the fence, diving around in the field, and hitting stumps with the moving ball.

Just for amusement, check out this fixture list on the otherwise brilliant CricInfo.  In case we were in any doubt this was a “women’s” tournament, the page writers have helpfully included the word 51 – yeah that’s right 51 – times on the page.

Wouldn’t want anyone getting confused about it, and start covering it like a sports match, now would we?

Go the White Ferns.


5 thoughts on “It’s just not cricket

  1. Oh man, that’s just a bit sad. The SO and I have been watching the women’s cricket a bit on, but usually have to stop because of things like the ICC CEO making comments about “you know, this really is a return to the heart of cricket, people playing it for the love of the game” – without noting ANY FRACKING IRONY about, well gee, maybe they HAVE to play out of “love of the game” because no one’s paying them millions of dollars to do it in the real sportsgrounds, hmm?

  2. I know how you feel. Before I arrived in NZ from Canada 27 years ago (plus a bit) I had ditched journalism and decided I wanted to be a cabinet maker. I did the cabinet making programme at George Brown College in Toronto and got my diploma. Top marks, too. Ready to roll.

    Very shortly after disembarking from a long flight from London, I read that one of NZ’s largest furniture makers had gone under and over 300 experienced trades people were out of work in a shrinking industry.


    So I went into IT instead and did far better than I ever would have on the course originally charted.

    Be ready for anything.

  3. Annie-Marie, you’re dead-right to be annoyed by the coverage, it’s been hopelessly limited in NZ. It’s been much better in NZ where the games are on Foxtel and ABC radio. I’ve been following it closely, and blogging too, and reckon the White Ferns will win today, against India, and make it to the final… I’ll be there and will try live blogging!

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