Ministry of Orwellian Health

We are living in truly Orwellian times.  At least in the Ministry of Health.

I thought controlling language was supposed to be the domain of the nanny-state left?  Not the Daddy-State right. 

But instead health officials will now stop using “public health”, “social change”, “inequalities” and “advocacy”?  Does our new government not care about such things?  Have they now been abolished?  Who decided this?

This is being treated as a joke, but of course the language we use is crucial to the action we can take on any particular issue.  Language is knowledge is power.  I’m not a fan of bureaucratese on the left or right – but this is something worse than that.

It’s about time mainstream media started reporting on what is happening to employees in the public sector.  Not only are they people who work to pay their rent or mortgage and feed themselves and any dependents – that is, people just like the other people we keep hearing about losing their jobs – but they help provide the services many people need in times of recession.

And they are under the cosh, make no mistake about it, whether it is being reported or not.


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