Licorice and multimedia

So yesterday I was perusing the Dominion Post, as is my wont, when low and behold the opportunity to get something free leapt out at me.

Free stuff!  I thought.  Wow! 

licoriceReading further, it turns out this was indeed something for nothing.  I could sign up to the Dominion Post Livewire service – a free email update service – and get a Triple pack of RJ’s licorice.

Not only that, I’d be interacting with the Dominion Post.

That’s what multimedia is all about, right?  Interactivity?  The movement of journalism from monologue by expert to dialogue with readers.

The DomPo’s embrace of Web 2.0 will save me all of, oh about $5 I reckon.

But only if I’m in the first 2,500 who sign up.  And only after 14 days, which is apparently how long the licorice will take to arrive.

And the commitment to interactivity?  To dialogue with readers and media users? 


Even if, like me, you don’t like licorice…

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