Let’s play rape

There is a new video game, for sale, in which you can play out raping women and girls in different orifices of their bodies, over and over again.

The game, Rapelay is described in detail by a reviewer here, and summarised by Grace Chu at After Ellen like this:

The objective of the game is to stalk a mother and her two children, described as “virgin schoolgirls,” and rape them repeatedly in every orifice until you “break” them and they become your willing sex slaves. You can also recruit other men to gang rape them.

The only way to lose this game is if you impregnate one of your victims and you don’t force her to get an abortion. Also, one of the victims may randomly stab you, but only if you randomly put her in the cowgirl sex position. Otherwise, it’s just continued sexual assault with no repercussions.

After portraying the women being raped in excruciating detail  i.e. “tears that glisten and move in the little girl’s eyes,” the game tells us that, after all of this suffering, women eventually enjoy it.

The game was made in Japan, by these people, Illusion.  You may like to tell them what you think of the game.  I know I will be.

Briefly the English language version was available on Amazon, as this screenshot shows (thanks to After Ellen).


Games made by Illusion are only meant to be sold in Japan, because I guess Japanese women don’t mind being raped so much.  They also make other rape games like Battle Raper, and have responded to the “many emails” they have received recently from customers in foreign countries with this comment.

I’ve just checked both US and UK versions of Amazon, and it’s not available now.  Nor, New Zealand readers will be glad to know, is it available on Trade Me.  Yet.

Grace Chu says she’s not sure this game will cause anyone to rape someone else.  I wish I could say the same.

I have nothing more to say about this that is printable.  This is disgusting, and like my friend Deborah who alerted me to this, just makes me want to cry.


6 thoughts on “Let’s play rape

  1. Truly vile. It reminds me of the race hatred games that appeared some years ago and still circulate all over the place which are about “how many Jews can you round up for the gas chambers” or “How many (racial group) can you kill as you raze a town”. Although if I step back for a second, this is just another dimension of a cultural trend to enjoy violence. Few raise concerns about people enjoying games which are about being non-sexually brutal.

  2. Wow, i had no idea this game exist until my older sister called me and asked me if i ever heard about it (is a gamer). She said she heard about it on the radio up in New York.
    I was shocked to know that this game makes Light of rape. The worst part is that i even found website were people are disappointed their aren’t more “victims” in the game.
    I hope no stupid teens get a hold of this game and think it to be cool to act on it.

  3. Oh please, spare me.


    If you play this game then you will be a RAPIST!!!!

    What a bunch of simpletons, anyone that acts out on a game or movie or image were already predisposed to this act, and it certainly wasn’t because they played a game or saw some movie.

    Really think about it rather then resorting to your silly asinine emotions.

    • Hi Dupe,
      so you think rape is something individual people (or, let’s be honest in New Zealand at least, 99% of the time according to the Police individual men) just do because it’s in their nature? Nothing to do with society, community, attitudes, choices?
      That is a lovely comforting view I guess. Oh, except for the fact it gives us no hope of change.

      Being “predisposed” towards rape is more likely if you’re male. More likely if you’ve been sexually abused yourself. More likely if you witnessed violence in your family as a child. More likely if you’re in the armed forces, where even though you think it’s all about “predisposition”, there are huge differences in how soldiers behave during and after war depending on the way sexual violence is treated.

      Yes, sexual violence is complex. I’m not sure you have really grasped that point yourself with this defence though.
      I’m curious as to how you found this blog – were you searching, as do so many, for the game online, and end up here “by accident”, lured by the name of this post?

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