Tony Veitch prepares for the case

Tony Veitch is helpfully keeping the media informed about his feelings via written statements these days.  Well, that’s the Sunday papers anyway, who have been quick to support the sports broadcaster with the allegations of domestic violence hanging over his head.

Of his recent spot on Murray Deaker’s show, Mr Veitch said:

This opportunity has given me hope for the first time in seven months. It’s such a relief to spend time focusing on work and not just preparing for the case.

How much “preparing for the case” is there I wonder?  How will he prove he did not assault his ex-partner on six separate occasions, as police allege?

One thing is for sure, you can bet his PR person will be keeping us all well-informed.

4 thoughts on “Tony Veitch prepares for the case

  1. How will he prove he did not assault his ex-partner on six separate occasions, as police allege?

    He has to prove this now? We abolished the presumption of innocence when I wasn’t looking?

    • No thankfully, we did not. Unless possibly you are engaged in protest type groups, then you’d have to check with the SIS I think 😉 But Mr Veitch does repeatedly tell us he will be proving his innocence, and I am interested in seeing how this will happen, given how his case has played out so far (televised confession of sorts, enormous payment to alleged victim).

  2. Veitch should start a blog, cut out the annoying PR-media middlemen, then he can repeatedly post how awful this time has been for him, “a trial” even. Ugh.

  3. Check out this morning, another example of our glorious justice system where rich young white men get away with bashing their partners. Oh sorry he didn’t get away with it the poor dear gets 6 charges dropped and supervision and a fine… and it’s up to his parole officer if he attends a stop violence course…grrrr makes my blood boil….

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