Tony Veitch continues the battle

And while we’re on the subject of compassion, Murray Deaker is showing some to fellow broadcaster Tony Veitch, and given the man, charged with multiple counts of assault against his ex-partner Kristin Dunne-Powell, a job.

I am not convinced that sacking violent men (and we cannot presume yet, of course, that Mr Veitch is guilty, despite his massive pay-out to Ms Dunne-Powell as hush money) will help them be less violent.

But I am wary of the “rehabilitation of Tony Veitch” which has been going on in the media since the allegations of violence broke. 

There are many ways of doing this.  Attacking Kristin Dunne-Powell’s credibility.  Endless stories from the PR consultant Tony Veitch has hired about how hard this process is for him.  Describing him as “embattled“, exclusive to the New Zealand Herald. 

I wonder how it feels for Kristin Dunne-Powell, waiting until 2010 while Mr Veitch has Murray Deaker and much of the nation’s sympathy for his “battle”.

Compassion for Kristin, anyone?

3 thoughts on “Tony Veitch continues the battle

  1. Hey Bryan, I’m not sure having your expensive PR person releasing information to the media that you are disturbed, depressed and possibly suicidal makes you more employable in most circles. Or that most employers consider whether their employees ex-partners are greedy money grabbers in assessing job skills.
    So I guess I’m more cynical than you about what the manipulation of the public image is designed to acheive 🙂

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