But will it get published?

Last post on internships for student journos.  I promise 🙂

I had the weird experience of starting at the DomPo the day the Solid Energy funding emissions report story broke as news, heading the front page and sparking internet debate.

Weird because I’d written a story about the same thing last October – the only update to that story was the exact figure Solid Energy had paid – they’d admitted $100,000 plus three months ago.

Most “articles” I wrote on internship were published in the DomPo, mostly puff pieces I couldn’t even insist my mother read :-).  

Last article published yesterday – a story about research linking housing quality and crowding to epidemic infectious diseases.

Three articles were not published, probably, as my tutor pointed out, because it’s difficult for an established newspaper to trust a baby journo when it comes to controversial issues.

Thanks to NewsWire, they have been published online now though.  Which I’m pretty happy about, since these stories were my idea.

One about community organisations increasing use of public relations spin doctors, one about the gaps in the new Domestic Violence legislation from the proposals endorsed by submissions to the Ministry of Justice.

And the last one followed up the Police public satisfaction survey I’ve been trying to investigate since last October.   This was a survey of more than 4000 people who “have had contact” with the Police, asking them what their experiences had been like.

Sadly though, the story was limited.

Turns out the Police cannot give us any detailed information about public satisfaction because….they did not get a report from the survey….and they are not able to share how much this cost us.

Would have been good to have some serious public debate about this in my opinion – what is the point of paying someone to find out what people think about you, if they are not actually going to tell you?


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