It’s time for a change 2

British tabloid the Daily Mirror ran a poll of their readers earlier this month, focusing on the monarchy.  The results – more than 4,200 voters – are out.  Some faff about whether or not Camilla should be able to rule with Charlie, and whether Charlie should just step aside for William – but also some kinda interesting stats:

  • 43% of Mirror readers do not want a Royal family
  • 54% do not think the Royals are worth the 40 million quid British taxpayers pay for them each year
Mirror with no love for hierarchy

Daily Mirror with no love of hierarchy

How scientific this poll is I have no idea – how do they know the people who answered were British even? 

And of course the Mirror historically has supported Labour and leftie causes, so their readers are probably likely to be less pro-Royal than the average – but even so, these are big numbers.
Maybe the UK needs a referendum on the Royal Family.  Best we re-think our political hierarchies here though – we don’t want to end up as the Royal’s retirement village.

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