Aotearoa / New Zealand for beginners

I set up another page last week after getting a query about what “iwi” meant from someone. 

So now at “Aotearoa/New Zealand for Beginners” tab at the top of the page, if I’ve used a Maori word I’ll try and define it – so check there if it’s unfamiliar.

I personally wish all New Zealanders spoke both our languages – and were supported to do that by having a fully bilingual education system, like other countries with more than one national language.   But I also love the fact that using Maori words within New Zealand English is one of the ways we know we’re not in the mother country anymore.  This Pakeha New Zealander says bring that on…


One thought on “Aotearoa / New Zealand for beginners

  1. We went to the powhiri at the new arts campus in Vivian Street and we had to sing Te Aroha as our welcome song. Only two of us in a class of like 14 knew the song. I was one of them (the other wasn’t there at the time). I had to lead. I was quite proud that I (being a pakeha girl), knew the song and was able to sing it in front of a group of Maori (who later congratulated me on leading it). I don’t know a huge amount of Maori but can sing some songs or say a few simple words but I too think it’s important to at least know SOME Maori if you want to be a REAL New Zealander. Powhiris are an amazing experience especially on a Marae, makes me feel special to be invited to such a special experience that doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world.

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