The echo-chamber nature of the political New Zealand blogosphere

I love this.  Poneke has said it all really.  With the exceptions of a very few blogs – probably for me most often the Hand Mirror – most New Zealand political blogs I read irritate me with how unashamedly one-sided they are. 

And in the print media?  Bob Jones, Michael Laws and Rosemary McLeod.  Or getting better, Karl du Fresne, Linley Boniface and Finlay MacDonald.  Sadly, the blogosphere, with all it’s faults, is still winning for me.

3 thoughts on “The echo-chamber nature of the political New Zealand blogosphere

  1. I think that you’ll find that no matter what country or medium, all journalism is biased towards the left or right. While journalists might believe in their own neutrality, their beliefs come through in the angle of the story.

    I’m completely sick to death of Chris Trotter and Finlay McDonald…..

    • Agreed. We are all living in our subjective wee boxes, peering out at the world through our own interpreting lenses. No escaping the fact. I don’t think I’m neutral in anything I write – but I hope I can be fair – I think they are different things.

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