Misogyny is like jazz…

“Misogyny is like jazz, women know it when they hear it.”

Check this splicing together of media coverage of Hilary Clinton during her presidential campaign -democratic debate in the land of the free.

Plus watch Kristen Schaal strip off for women’s rights to the Indigo Girls no less – love the Wonder Woman outfit, wonder where you get those?

Comedian Kristen Schaal came to my attention recently, defining cougar for all of us older women who are starting to hear the word – in my case it’s been a couple of times when I’ve been talking about someone cute.

Who knew you weren’t allowed to want to have sex after 38?  Or perhaps, just not with someone younger than you.  The weird thing for me anyway is that I spent my twenties and early thirties fancying and dating gorgeous people older and wiser than me – it’s only been the last couple of years I’ve found anyone younger than me even vaguely attractive.

I guess you’re all getting older too.

I’m preferring that to the Hugh Hefner comparison Kristen makes….

2 thoughts on “Misogyny is like jazz…

  1. Hey thanks for that Horrible People clip Josh, very cool – I think Kristin is pretty fab too but haven’t found anything else to share of hers yet. Isn’t her getting lost in being a cougar just wonderful…

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