Schools face outbreaks of same-sex love

More on homophobia in schools – Nine to Noon today featured interviews with Rainbow Youth and the PPTA – apparently we not only have some schools in Aotearoa wanting queer students to sign contracts confirming their sexuality, we also have some schools refusing to allow queer students to set up support groups.

The Rainbow Youth spokeswoman says teachers at these schools have said they are afraid such groups will lead to “an outbreak of homosexuality.”

It sounds like a disease which might be catching.  If we talk about same-sex desire too much, we’ll all want to try it.  I wonder how you remain immune? 

If homosexuality is “unnatural”, and hence queer people should not be allowed to be queer, marry, bring up children, hold down some kinds of jobs, be represented in mainstream media, have support groups in schools or bring their partner to the ball…..well, if it’s “unnatural”, why are we worried that if we talk about it too much more people will try it?

Some logical problems with homophobia, methinks.

And another thing – for those struggling to see why signing a contract to confirm your sexuality is discriminatory, and I’ve heard a few, let’s just try putting any other group of people in that category.

You have to sign a contract if you’re Pakeha, and want to date a Maori person.  Or if you’re Muslim, and want to date a Christian. 

Discrimination is discrimination folks, let’s join the dots.


One thought on “Schools face outbreaks of same-sex love

  1. I don’t even know what to say about this. BLUGH very almost covers it.
    I’m open about my sexuality and would, if asked, tell people but I don’t think queers should be FORCED out of the closet by teachers, people who are supposed to be providing them with education, not judging them by who they love. It’s not relevant to know this in the classroom, especially not for people who don’t want it known.

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