Feminist hero, step forward Steve Crow

Women of New Zealand, we have a new feminist hero.  Self-effacing and modest, he will probably not allow us to award him any feminist honours, but none-the-less, he has fought bureaucracy holding women back and won.

That’s right, Auckland City Council, that oppressor of women, was seeking to stop us having the right to show off our breasts in public.  Our right.

Men can do it, so why shouldn’t we?  That’s what our hero, Steve Crow, said, successfully enough to make a Judge sit up and listen.

Phew, just when we thought those hard-won rights were on the line.

Mr Crow said the parade started in 2003 in response to a woman being arrested for bearing her breasts in public on Karangahape Rd, and the sexual discrimination issues it raised under the Bill of Rights.

So the “Boobs on Bikes” parade, championing our rights to be naked on the street, thankfully went ahead.  I know my breasts feel better for it.  And I don’t believe those nasty rumours that he was just interested in promoting his pornography and erotica businesses, nope, not for one moment.

I’m going to write to Steve – I just know if he throws his weight behind equal pay for women; good, cheap childcare; access to contraception and abortion; ending sexual violence and domestic violence, and making housework masculine so men will do it – well, I just know with that feminist hero in charge, feminism will be sexy again.



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